"Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth…" (IV,1)
Kreativprojekt zur Englischlektüre im Kurs 1e2, März/April 2020


Due to the Coronavirus and the resulting lockdown of our school, class 1e2 was unable to finish Shakespeare's Macbeth in the traditional way. Some homeschooling input was provided and the last scenes (including the impressive ending) were dealt with via remote teaching. Since the class is, according to their teacher's view, a very keen and interested one, mostly hard-working and including an unusually high amount of creativity, everybody was invited to contribute an own piece of art according to everybody's literary, or illustrating artistry. Shakespeare's Macbeth provides a fair lot of instances calling out for artistic re-interpretation, and the choice is huge: the witches, the dagger, the porter, the Lady, the banquet, the potion, the apparitions, or the final battle are just a very few examples.

I am very happy to state that everybody in class took part in this creative project, and provided a really impressive set of works of art from all over the play using a broad variety of methods, e.g. short story, rewritten scene, audio version, film version, or film poster. It is a pity that our Jahresbericht does not come in a digital form, which means the video and audio projects cannot be displayed here. But some of the posters will also be able show our kind readers how a 400-year-old Shakespeare text can come to life even today. A heartfelt thanks to all of class 1e2, well done everyone!

Picture projects by different authors:

An audio project by Moritz Oertel, Karl Jobst, Lars Walther, Sandro Streller and Jan Günther


  • Moritz Oertel as First Witch and Macbeth
  • Karl Jobst as Second Witch
  • Lars Walther as Third Witch
  • Sandro Streller as First Apparition and Lennox
  • Jan Günther as Second Apparition and Thrid Apparition
  • Sound Design/SoundFX: Moritz Oertel

A video project by Kristin Osinsky: Macbeth Trailer to Act 1 Scene 3:

A written project by Kilian Wagner:

OStR Dr. Peter Prokisch